Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Life Is Just A Blog Full Of Webs


I asked myself, do I need a blog. It seems like such a narcissistic activity. Like I would have time for one more thing to own me. Until during the course of the last week through a series of synchronistic events, (I'm so tired of that word, there must be a synonym for it), I felt the need to jot down the things that seemed to be screaming at me to connect the dots. So I started entering them in to my iPhone Notes and it felt good to exorcise the pesky thoughts from my head. Then I decided that maybe I DID need a blog so I wouldn't have to bother my friends and relatives with my mad musings. That would be it! Not a diary or a "Hey, Everyone, Look At Me" but a virtual filing cabinet to clear out my brain and store the discarded away, never to be seen again, or perhaps... Well, anyway, I won't need to remember what I forgot to forget anymore. "Spiderweb, Ray Charles sai-ay-ed," Joan Osborne.

So, Welcome Party of One to:

The SS-Files

I wanted the S-Files but that name was already taken S-(