I'm adding a new page dedicated just to my iPhone art. These are images that I created in one or combination of the following ways:
• Photos taken with the iPhone camera
• Photos taken with the iPhone and post processed with iPhone apps
• Digital photos from other cameras post processed with iPhone apps

Right now my favorite art and photography apps in my camera bag are Percolator and ToonCamera. Camera+ is my go to number one most useful app that allows me to snap, edit, crop and upload to Flickr all in one app. I also found that I can use the flashlight mode rather than flash as a secondary light source for example photos. These essential apps are followed closely by BeFunkyPro, Mill Colour, XnView Photo Fx, Posterize, Artists Touch and Brushes.

Thanks for checking them out!

Childhood Icons  Fashion Icons  Pop Icons
Pop Culture Icons from my childhood.

Fashion Icons  Miniature
Vintage fashion and furniture. Chair and couch "miniaturized" with tilt-shift FX.

Oh, Deer.  Blythe
Fascination with cute and creepy. The deer on the left started as a doodle drawing I did, then photographed it with my iphone, colored, posterized, percolated, aged and grunged it.

American Icon
Vintage Truck O's
Cambodian New Year
Cambodian New Year's Parade
This photo was taken by me with another digital camera and post-processed on my iPhone.

Religious Icon   Sunnyside Sculpture
Fascination with religious icons.


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