Saturday, January 26, 2008

Catching Up

I've been sick all week so just taking it easy. Last night and today I've been experimenting with different web apps to see how I can use my iPhone to integrate and update my blog, Flickr, and Ravelry on the go, now that I remembered I have one! Because if I have to go home after working all day, get my laptop out just to post stuff, it ain't going to happen!

I've been able to use my iPhone solely for much of it to my surprise. Flickr is a great place to upload photos from the phone camera. However, Ravelry is difficult to navigate on the iPhone as the drop down menus don't work, and the drag & drop only Flickr tools for adding photos doesn't work. They are working on a beta beta iPhone version but it's just a teaser right now. works GREAT for uploading photos to Flickr via their post to email system.

I used to think I was on the cutting edge of personal desktop publishing but somehow the whole blog, photo sharing, journal thing consumer-style got past me. I think I'm catching up though. My philosophy is technology should be used to help make life easier, not take time away from the important stuff.

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