Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 8c - THCC 101

Day 8 - THCC 101
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Shattered Stains & Paint Resist
For the middle manilla tag, I used white acrylic paint dabbed directly on the stamps with cut n dry foam. The two tags on the outside are the rock candy crackle paint resist. I use the really cheap craft foam from the 99 Cent Store to hand cut the shapes. It came out... interesting. The foam is thinner than regular craft foam and has a soft flexible feel to it like leather suede. I'm wondering if it could be used to make faux leather bracelets. It didn't melt from the heat gun but could have potentially burned if was used too long. The crackle paint was barely dry so has a thin crazing to it. I stained it with Adirondack alcohol inks as I didn't have stains or re-inkers, fun to watch!

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