Monday, June 15, 2015

Day Fifteen – We Are Stardust

Gardening is one of the most creative activities I enjoy. It gives me a feeling of being one with nature and getting "back to the garden." I've had on my porch a couple of Plumeria cuttings to root for awhile so finally took care of planting those today.

I somehow became the adoptive Mother Earth to plants from several of my friends who couldn't take their office plants with them when they left. It's really cool because now every time I water or look at those plants, I think of that friend as living reminders of those memories.
The new cuttings are center and right.
The plumeria on the left is from a cutting
planted several years ago. 

I thought it was really a great idea what my friend did with her plumeria plants she had at home. Before moving the family to Texas, where her potted plumerias might not adapt so well, she took several cuttings and divided them among friends rather than throwing them away. Hopefully, the cutting I planted today will bloom white flowers one day as beautiful as hers did. The other cutting was from a really big plumeria tree on my block with pretty pink flowers. I found a piece that had fallen on the ground so I rescued it from being trashed.

I also started a card for a special person to mail before an upcoming holiday. I mainly just picked out the paper which is sometimes the hardest part for me. Then I die cut the components for a 3D accordion fold card so I can really get started on it tomorrow. 

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