Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day Ten – Tissue Transparency

I'm finally getting back today to actually doing something creative, although it was a struggle. Finishing my die organization took a lot more time than I thought and still is not complete. But at least they are all put away. I was able to start my June ATCs for this Saturday's trade. It seemed to take most of my time to gather the different materials I wanted to use, especially choose the paper patterns for the background. I chose a yellowed grunge and tiled pattern to work with.

Then I decided to try layering Tim Holtz Melange tissue wrap. This is really strong paper and a little more opaque than I wanted, unlike gift wrap tissue. So I experimented to see if I could get it more translucent by using Golden gloss medium to adhere to my patterned paper. I also applied a light layer on top. This seemed to work pretty well but still the tissue design was a little dark so I tried sanding some to distress. This paper is really tough and took more effort than I expected! But I am happy with the result so far. The problem is however, the gloss medium will now act as a resist for distress inks so if I want to add any color, it will have to be acrylic paint instead. The sanding may have removed some so we will see.

Tomorrow I will continue with cutting out the cards and assembling. I don't have a clear idea yet so will play around as I go. 

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