Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day Six – Ticket To Ride

It was another game learning experience tonight. I joined my fellow Steampunks of Orange County for a yummy potluck and game night, dressed in appropriate themed attire. A couple had played before but most of us were new to the railway-themed board game called Ticket To Ride – Europe version.

The object of the game was to earn the most points to win. Players did this by building tracks in their color. Each player received different cards at the beginning that were train cards, long route and short route destination cards. With each turn, we drew two more or chose from a face-up stock pile. Players also received small plastic train cars and stations resembling houses and hotels from Monopoly, for placement on the tracks claimed. You continue to connect routes for points or to block other players. We even had prizes at the end. My teammate generously let me take home our prize, a Disney R2D2 collector pin!

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