Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day Seven – Rest & Rejuvenation

City of Ember

There is creativity in rest and just being. I felt the need to just relax today, on the seventh day. Rejuvenation allows us the time to renew and re-charge so we can start anew. In so doing, I watched a really interesting movie I'd not seen before which inspired me. City of Ember was the movie, cast with Bill Murray, Tim Robbins and Martin Landeau. The real stars were the young tweens Harry Treadaway and  Saoirse Ronan. I didn't recognize young Harry but with additional research was delighted to find out he stars in one of my favorite TV series, as Victor Frankenstein in Penny Dreadful.

What was inspiring to me were the sets and costumes. The design was like a mash-up of Dark City, Children of the Lost City, Mad Max and the Wizard of Oz! You see a lot of hand knit and crochet clothing everywhere as the underground society must use and reuse every resource available for over 200 years. There was yarn and granny squares everywhere which I hate the latter, by the way, unless it's an afghan made by an ancestor. But in this movie background, it was strangely applicable. In general, all the barely operable mechanical machinery as portrayed in the future seemed quite steampunk but I couldn't quite fit it into a sub-genre like diesel or tesla punk. Then I realized it's post-apocalyptic, think Mad Max and Water World, loosely speaking. It may not be a movie for everyone and definitely targeted the emo adolescent crowd but was well worth watching, despite obvious holes in the story and scene goofs. Since when did water fall upwards?

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